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Garage Door Installation Perth

Apart from providing a place for car parking, the garage is also a place that allows a simple entry to thieves. Indeed, in all the cases of burglaries being reported, a large chunk includes those where the burglars have managed to sneak in the house through the garage. This calls for reliable and effective garage door installation. This is the reason why you would like to opt for professional help as far as garage door installation is concerned. After all, the safety and security of your house is at stake.

WA Garage Doors, a leading garage door installation company in Perth, Western Australia, can help you with its professional garage door installation service. We will install your garage door in a way that it is not only unbreakable, but also operates smoothly. We have the necessary expertise and experience in residential, commercial and industrial garage doors. We also offer installation, repair and maintenance service for commercial and industrial roller shutter doors.

What sets us apart from others in the industry is our pool of technicians. They are not only experienced but also highly competent. They also specialise in installing all varieties of doors, whether made of steel, aluminium or timber, manual or remote controlled.

Our garage door installation services in Perth start with the removal of the old door if it is already in place. We then pay attention towards the frame. It is important that the frame is in good condition and does not have any wear and tear. If this is the case then the frame would lack requisite strength to hold new door. We also make new tracks absolutely parallel. This ensures that the door operates nicely and the vehicle does not get trapped inside.

We then firmly fix the brackets attached to the first section. This is an important task as cables that control the lifting put them under immense pressure. Furthermore, we also ensure that overhead track is perfectly aligned. This is important from security point of view. Any laxity here can lead to the track collapsing and the door might come crashing down.

Spring adjustment is another important area that we tackle with immense care. Our proper adjustment of spring ensures that the garage door is able to hold itself even when half open.

What however needs to be understood is the fact that mere installation of garage door is not sufficient. It is important that it is subjected to regular inspection and maintenance. For an instance, the track and runners should be kept well-oiled to prevent any wear and tear. No problem should ever be allowed to escalate. This may lead to serious implications in future.

Apart from providing top quality garage door installation services in Perth, we offer a range of other services like shutter door repair and maintenance in Perth, WA, shutter door services in Perth WA, garage door repairs, garage door fixtures etc. What makes our services popular is the fact that despite offering the best quality services, we are extremely affordable.

Call us now to know more about our services! We will take care of garage door installation and provide you the best services.